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Bug Hunting and Customer Feedback Test for Pirelli

Our testers have executed all the steps of the Customer Journey: booking the e-bike, making the payment, unlock the e-bike, use it and return it to automatic lockers with the rental kit. Our testers identified any critical bugs, but more importantly they provided advice and suggestions to improve the usability of the service.

The State of Spanish Bank’s Digitalisation

Spanish banks rank second worldwide in digital transformation, preceded only by Turkey. Given this data and the considerations, we pose three questions: How do real users feel about the account opening process? How many clicks does it take to open a bank account? Do major banks allow you to open an account from a cell phone?

How many clicks does it take to request a loan quote?

According to the Bank of Italy, since the beginning of the pandemic, about 15% of households have applied or considered applying for a loan from a bank or finance company. But how easy is it to view a free online quote for a loan here in Italy?

From Waterfall to DevOps: what to expect from the transition

During the QA Financial Forum on February 3, 2021, we talked about the transition from the Waterfall to the DevOps model, and what to expect during this process. In this White Paper we have summarised what we learned during the event and integrated the knowledge gained with our own experience.

Competitive, performing and user-friendly

High bounce rate, shopping cart abandonment, bad reviews and too many requests get to your customer service. If you are an eCommerce Manager, a Product Owner of an app or a Marketing Manager in a b2c company, you probably face the same struggles every day: hooking and conquering your (potential) customer and leading him/ her to complete the purchase.

UX Research: How to Get Quality Results with Crowdtesting

Learn what makes Crowdtesting a valid analysis tool and how it can be integrated as part of a structured UX Research project, what's the difference between doing research with Crowdtesting vs traditional methods, how to obtain only complete and in-scope evaluations and more.

Case Study: successful CRO on Costa Crociere’s eCommerce

Bugs and usability frictions are a significative cause of economic losses for e-commerce, which end up losing hundreds orders every day. In this Case Study, we'll see how or client Costa Crociere has managed to increase its conversion rate by 25% on its e-commerce by implementing crowd-based functional and UX testing.

Agile Crowdtesting: The Up2You Case

Up2You relied on AppQuality to carry out functional compatibility tests in the pre-release phase of the new version of their platform. Through a Wizard, the Up2You team activated an Instant Test in complete autonomy: no long setup calls or waste of resources.